Braised Cabbage with Halibut

Here we are, recipe number six – Braised Cabbage with Halibut from another “why have I never used this book” book, Chez Panisse Vegetables by Alice Waters. I think once spring rears its head, we’ll be using this book a lot more. It’s chock full of really beautiful and simple recipes. (shocking, right?)  Alas, as it is the dead of winter in coastal Maine, the available seasonal vegetables are…few. There’s lots of squash and leeks and kale and potatoes and regular cabbage, but that’s about it, so I had to resort to out-of-season nappa cabbage from the supermarket.

Halibut, however, is plentiful, if a little pricier than almost everything at the fishmonger’s. But it’s soooo delicious. I can’t resist its smooth, buttery flesh. There’s not a lot one can do with it that I don’t like, but cooking halibut in moist heat has magical results. In this recipe, the pieces of halibut are briefly cooked in wine, butter and chicken stock. When it comes out of the oven, it’s served over a bed of oven-braised nappa cabbage (the recipe calls for savoy, but, Maine in winter…) and roasted potatoes. It’s totally simple and so damned tasty. And it looks like fancy restaurant food, so people will think you slaved over it. But you didn’t!

Next up in the Alice Waters bookathon, Chez Panisse Pasta, Pizza and Calzones, a book full of things we’re really not supposed to be eating, but we’re committed.

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